Dunning-Kruger Effect

Have you ever met someone who knows everything in this world from politics to stocks, mythological to mars, gold to bitcoin? The chances are more that you came across such people in your life. The problem with these people is that they might be very strong in one area and they think they have the... Continue Reading →

Inversion : How To Avoid Looking Dumb?

Inverse thinking is the process of approaching a solution from the opposite end or from backwards. It's a powerful method for identifying and removing obstacles and dealing with difficult problems on your path to success. Inversion thinking is one of the many mental models that can be useful in most of the problems we face.... Continue Reading →

Halo Effect

Last day, with lot of excitement, my manager said to me, "Hey, we got a new team member finally. Her name is Rhea and she will be joining coming Monday".   As soon as I hear the name with the same excitement, I started imagining her as a young girl who will be attractive, smart... Continue Reading →

Mental Models

A mental model is a representation of how something works. It is a concept, framework or worldview that you can use to guide your perception and behavior. They are the thinking tools that you use to understand life, make decisions, and solve problems in your life. Most of us are specialists in each of our... Continue Reading →

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